Play Marche’s goal is to offer customized, culturally-oriented services and products to a diverse population at a local (national) and international level, creating developmental, economical, and social innovation built from experience.
National: At a local/national level, a diverse range of cultural views and values leads to structural challenges which Play Marche aims to transform into a competitive opportunity. Through surveying the current cultural status, the organization is able to better build future lines of culturally driven local development. In fact, the cultural heritage of the area represents a resource capable of impacting the economy and tourist spending in various sectors. By using territorial branding on a wide range of products and services, the area becomes increasingly visible, increasing its competitiveness in a global setting.
International: At the same time, the organization works to develop new models which can internationalize the local growth with public and private organizations. The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related to cultural heritage produces content and innovative technology essential to the global market. Europe and EUSAIR (Adriatic-Ionian macro-regions) represent an unprecedented opportunity for the growth of the Marche Region and will serve as the focus for training and knowledge exchange programs such as web marketing and e-commerce operations.


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PlayMarche srl - Via Santa Maria della Porta n.62 
62100 Macerata (MC) - Italy
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